Change TextSize Value >> SelTextSize Value

For some reason only on a TextArea (not field), SelTextSize isn’t changing when I eternally (via another control) change the textsize. Is this normal? I noticed Michel Bujardet filed a bug report 44878. Is this the same issue?
For some reason I can’t log into Feedback

No, that has been fixed q while ago, and did not manifest as what you describe.

I have the feeling you are mixing up TextSize and SelTextSize, though.

TextSize is applied to the default TextArea text size.

If you want to change the text size of a portion of text after the fact, you must set SelStart and SelLength, then apply SelTextFont.

For instance, if I want to change all the text after typing it, I will do

TextArea1.SelStart = 0 TextArea1.SelLength = Len(TextArea1.Text) TextArea1.SelTextFont = "Arial Black"

Thank you Michel. I found I didn’t have the feedback updated.
Update on platform - It only happens on Mac.
Thank you for the thought on mixing the two up. I know some things of the difference and that is why I asked.
I only know it from the little I work with.

Usually when I change a textarea’s font size, I don’t work with text selected.
My experience is it changes the size, but I also have no style runs.

I also take it from what you wrote, if I have ANY selected text (or styleruns), it can have different attributes as in textsize from the field’s size. Correct?

Indeed, the whole point of the selected field is that you can change attributes in there. Each time you change something, you do get a new stylerun.

Question. Why did it take years for this to show up? All I did is change a control.