Change page length and keep 300 dpi printing

I’m new to Xojo, but I wrote a project that prints on continuous labels to a CAB thermal transfer printer.
It was working and printing correctly (using max resolution of 300 dpi) with the exception of the page length.
I looked for a way to make changes to the page length and eventually purchased the win plugins from Monkeybread software.
This seemed to work at first view, however it started printing the pictures much larger than previously.
After doing some investigating, I found that the resolution was now at 72 dpi instead of the 300 dpi that it had previously been.
I have tried for an entire day and can’t get the resolution to change from 72 dpi.

Can anyone give me some help, I really need to print at the 300 dpi and have the ability to change page length?

This does not exists in Xojo…

Height and PageHeight, check PrinterSetup .

Hi Mario,

Maybe this discussion help you? Printer Resolution

I was using monkeybread plugins and the papersize, paperwidth, paperlength and printquality.
And it seems to work, the resolution solution as been explained to me by Tim.

Thank you all,

It’s been a while since I did continuous thermal printing, but I think the solution was to set the page length in the printer itself. Ie., each label is a “page”. Then a call to g.NextPage will advance to the top of the next label. I haven’t used any MBS plugins, so I can’t help with that.