Change in Keydown Event??

Has there been a change in when/how a keydown event is fired. I had a keydown event in a window, rather than the textarea, that’d work. The only way it works now is if I move it to the textarea. Has there been a change that I missed?

Further addition.
Part 1. I was unable to trap the escape key until I moved it to the textarea.
Part 2. I am unable to send any text that I’ve typed or pasted to the textarea. I initially had readonly turned on, but turned it off. I also have return true in the keydown event. The only way I can get anything to type into the area is if I eliminate the textarea’s keydown text. Is it possible (not likely) that it’s because it’s the third window out?

  1. if the textareas has the focus, it’s going to get the keydown event, not the window.
  2. if you return true in keydown, then the system assumes you have handled the event.
    Return true if you do something in the event and don’t want the key passed to the system. Otherwise, explicitly pass return False (good idea), or just use the default return false

Thanks. Makes sense.

Regardless of whether you return true or not, if the textarea has focus, then window will NOT get the keydown. Textarea consumes all keystrokes.