Chairs for programming

It’s come to that time again for upgrading my desk chair. I like the executive style with comfort and durability. My current chair was a La-Z-Boy with bonded leather that is now flaking off. The chair was comfortable and really served its purpose, but now I am ready for an upgrade.
After reading reviews online, I am more confused than ever.
Does anyone have a brand or chair that they really appreciate?

I have a Steelcase Leap v2. It’s loaded with features, and the comfort is amazing. They’re very expensive new, but I lucked out and purchased mine second hand for only a few hundred from a company that refurbishes higher end chairs.
I found the mesh chairs (like Herman Miller Aeron) to be much less comfortable than the Steelcase that I bought (I’m sure that’s all personal preference). I probably wouldn’t hesitate to even buy one of these new in the future. I mean, I spend countless hours on it, and it’s just worth the expense!

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Similar to Andrew, I also have a steelcase leap chair, although mine is mesh. It’s very durable and comfortable. I have had it for many years and have only had to replace the chair Arms about 4 years ago.

The steelcase chair is more expensive than other chairs, and is worth the extra expense, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Awesome. I will definitely check out the Steelcase chairs. Thanks.

I’ve been using a Steelcase chair for +10 years now. One of the best investments made.

Just ordered one at at 50% off. Can’t wait to get it. Thanks for your advice.

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My spouse and I both have Steelcase Leap chairs, and they are the best chairs we have ever tried.

I recently got one of these, and am pretty happy with it:

I got white which has a “tesla / stormtrooper modern” look but shows dirt & dust much more.

Having armrests, and an adjustable headrest is critical I think if you really want to relax.

(Edit to add: this picture doesn’t show the headrest, but it’s an optional Add On which I love)

I have the Eurotech i00, it’s the greatest chair I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Even after long days bent over a hot computer, it’s comfortable and shows no signs of wear after 7 years.