cgi web app on Strato Powerweb

Until recently, I’ve been running a HaProxy loadbalancer to host some standalone Xojo Web apps.
I’d like to switch to my Strato Powerweb Pro server and then obviously would need to run them as cgi.
Has anyone done this successfully? I Know the cgi script should be in domain/cgi-bin and the files all have 755 permission, but I cannot get past the internal server error when I call the script.

You can run a standalone app on most web hosts, though.

I had mixed results with CGI on my various hosts, before I discovered 1701, now become where all I have to do is to upload, and it just works :slight_smile:

Thanks Michel, but I need to have the web app running on the strato server, as that’s where all other data and the SSL of the domain points to. I would really prefer CGI if possible; on a server I have I can already host web apps standalone, But I need them on Strato’s powerweb pro as the capacity of my own server isn’t scalable nor very reliable.