CGI Deployment

When deploying a web app as CGI for Linux, the whole ‘32-bit vs 64-bit’ thing becomes irrelevant, doesn’t it? Meaning, would the Linux server still need 32-bit libraries and the libicu library or does that only apply to standalone web apps?

CGI still calls the native executable you’ve built in Xojo, so you choosing to build 32-bit vs 64-bit still applies. It’s just the interface the web server uses to communicate with your app.


when I tested a x64 web app (CGI) on my CentOS Linux server I just made sure the required libs were installed for x64 and everything worked fine. I did install the 32-bit libs later as i needed to run a CGI web app that was built 32 bit. If I remember correctly I installed the libicu for x64 buy YUM but in Ubuntu it would be with apt-get.

I ran the ldd in the terminal to find out what libs were missing.

Requirements :smiley:

Gotcha. Thanks!