CGI-BIN app in a iFrame & showurl

All, I have search the forum to find my answer and didnt find anything close. Either this is a unique question or my search-fu has failed me today. I am guessing the later over the former.

I have an WE app running as CGI-BIN in an iFrame on a webpage. Fine. Dandy. it works.
At some point I need to have a button to do a ShowURL (or something similar?) to have the whole webpage (not just the iFrame) redirected to another page.

in button.action the ShowURL “URL://URL…” loads up the URL in the iFrame. adding a TRUE as the second parameter opens a new window and not the parent one.

I have lost even more hair from my head (that is an accomplishment since I shave my head) from this.

What am I doing wrong?

Two ways I’ve done it:

  1. Use a WebLink with target set to parent window. You have to set the URL in advance (like at open/shown) as opposed to handling an Action event.

  2. Put a javascript method on the page itself with the URL (or a parameter for the URL). Then use the ExecuteJavascript method in Xojo to reference the parent window and call the script in the parent page.

Phillip thanks! switch to method 1 and it works great…

one of these days I will master WE compared to the other editions.