Centre existing content on a DynaPDF page

I have a number of methods that jointly create / assemble content onto a DynaPDF page.
Once assembled, I find I have a need to ‘shift’ it to the centre of the page, for reasons that are not available to query at the time the drawing begins.

So , armed with an existing page, is there a way to shift the entire content of one page slightly to the right before saving to disc?

I don’t think you can move the contents of a page but you could try one of the following:

  1. Draw your content into a template and then place the template on the page at the required position.

  2. Once you have written the PDF, import each page into a new PDF at the required position.

You may better go before assembling with TranslateCoords to move the whole coordinate system.

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ah…’ It is not possible to use top-down coordinates with a transformed coordinate system’