Centos 6.8 64bit and Xojo

In the past Linux has not really been on my radar, but now it is and I am a bit frustrated. The deployed base on which I would like to run some utilities I created in XOJO are all 64bit Centos 6.8. Previously I was unsuccessful getting the required 32 bit libraries installed to get anything to run. They basically don’t exist or the ones that did cause other problems. Now with 2017r1 I thought I would try again with 64 bit debugging. The only missing dependency I found using ldd on the Remote Debugger was GLIBC_2.14. I managed to get that installed into /opt per some instructions, as not doing it that was is going to break things, and now ldd reports all good, but the app still reports it missing so it won’t launch. I guess I could compile on Mac for Linux and see if a built app also has this issue? I tried following the instructions on the XOJO website about Linux dependencies but they don’t apply for 6.8. So if I had to turn this into a question(s) … Is anyone using Centos 6.8 or the equivalent Redhat version? Is there a better resource for getting basics done? Very discouraging if I can’t even get a Hello World going.

Sorry - no 6.8 64 bit
I have 6.6 but its a 32 bit version
And Centos 7 64 bit along with a 64 bit Mint 18.1

64-bit requires CentOS 7 for that distribution. CentOS 6.x’s glibc base is simply way too old for the libraries we use.

Thanks for the response. That will save me a lot of additional frustration.

FWIW, it is possible to run 32-bit apps on CentOS 6.8. Some of the Xojo Cloud servers are on that version.