CellTextPaint Event for WebListBox

Hi there

I am trying to display three lines of text in each cell of a WebListBox by adding a CellTextPaint event to it. However, the Add Event Handler Window doesn’t list CellTextPaint as an event.

A quit experiment shows that I can add a CellTextPaint event to a ListBox, so I assume the CellTextPaint event does not apply to a WebListBox.

How then can I display multiple lines of text in each cell? Should I pass the cell an HTML string of the lines with line breaks

Can I control the height of the cells? MinimumRowHeight?

What effect does the behaviour Multiline have on a WebListBox?

Thanks heaps.

Have you tried setting the “Multiline” property of the list box = true [ON in the IDE] (then include the ENDOFLINE string in your text between lines)? Weblistbox seems to autosize the height of each row as needed.