Cells of a WebListBox

Is it possible to store a object reference in each cell of a WebListBox? This would allow direct access to the object when a user clicks on a cell. Would I have to subclass WebListBox to do this?

it is possible using the Rowtag or Celltag but keep multi-user interfaces in mind. Just write:

 YourWebListboxname.RowTag(row) = yourObjectname 

But do not forget this: When working alone with such a Weblistbox everything might be fine until somebody is working with you simultaneously on same Weblistbox/ Website. You are never alone in the Web and while you still using your object references somebody else in your back might use it simultaneously too.

There are several techniques to avoid this in using caches, timestamps etc. but the satest and simplest way is to use unique integer IDs in a rowtag and load the object based on this ID while write-locking it for others.

I assume here you are talking about multiple users using the same Xojo web application, but won’t they each be running/seeing their own instance of the web application?

Isn’t the problem of multiple users accessing the same piece of information something left for the back-end database to worry about?

Fortunately my web application will be read-only, at least in its first incarnation.

Yes, of course they will do run in their own instance but speaking about Objects with data (e.g. from a database) you will keep Objects with “old” Values (Address, Familyname etc.) while they were updated by someone else meantime. Your Read-Only App prevents this.