cellAction in listbox subclass

I’ve created an own listbox subclass. When I add my subclass to a window, the eventhandlers that I used in the subclass have disappeared. Some like the Open event I can make available by typing Open at the end of the code in the subclass.Open event. But most others don’t work that way. Is there a way to revoke cellClick or CellBackgroundPaint? Thanks.

To “pass the event forward”, you need to add an EventDefinition to your subclass and then re-raise that event in your code.

Thanks Tim. Can’t find anyting on EventDefinition in the docs. Can you give an example? Thanks.

An overview of Event Definitions:

Event Definitions show up as Events for instances of your subclass. So when you want an Event to occur you raise the Event Definition. There’s a little information here

So in your subclass, add an Event Definition: Open
Then at the end of your Event Handler for Open, add RaiseEvent Open
Your subclass will now have an Open event, and it will get triggered :slight_smile:
This works for whatever you name the event, it doesn’t have to be an existing Xojo Event.

Got it! Thanks a lot.