Cell Image Render issue

Im having a problem with cell image renderer and I cant figure out what is wrong with this code.

Public Function SetStyle_PicCell(webPic as WebPicture) As WebListBoxImageRenderer
  Var p As New Picture(35, 35)
  p.Graphics.DrawPicture(webPic, 0,0,35,35,0,0, webPic.Width, webPic.Height)
  Var wp As WebPicture
  wp = p
  Var ImageRenderer As New WebListBoxImageRenderer(wp.URL, True)
  Return ImageRenderer
End Function

No matter what I do, it will not show the picture in the listbox. If I just use the passed in webPic.url as the picture, it displays fine but I am trying to resize it before it goes into the listbox. The picture is store in a app level object. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

any ideas out there?

Var wp As WebPicture
wp = new webpicture(p)