Catching web errors

My app works fine when I upload it in the evening … come morning I start with a javascript nil object exception.

Any ideas on how to capture web / server / client errors?

Session object has an unhanded exception event and a JavaScript Error event. You can capture them there.

thanks … my issues seem to stem from creating and embedding containers. How can I make sure A is completed before B begins?

I’m working on a big project now that uses lots of dynamically loaded WebContainers. In some cases (not all) I’ve had to use a WebTimer to introduce a short delay from when I embed the container until the time I start loading the controls with my data. It’s a hit or miss situation, it seems, but maybe that will help you.

What Bob said. WebTimer in your container. The delay of the WebTimer isn’t important. The important part is that the WebTimer has to be created client side before in can fire, meaning on the server side, its Action event only fires after the container is created client side.

hopefully last question (until I screw it up) : how long a delay and are you putting the timer in the container elsewhere?