Catalina OS

Just updated to Catalina.
Xojo (last version) is given Full Disk Acces, but when debugging it ask for disk acces.



Is there a way to avoid the debbuging app to ask every time for permision?

Please don’t grant full access to any app except maybe backup app. This is dangerous!

For Xojo, please grant permissions for Documents folder.

There is not, except for not using the Documents folder. The OS sees each build as a brand new application that needs permissions all over again.

And Xojo isn’t what needs permission here. If you look at the dialog, it’s saying that your app wants permission to access the Documents folder.


Thank Greg, I’m aware that is the debugging app that wants permissions.

I wondered why, if Xojo may access Documents folder, when running a debug app, these permissions are not given to the debug build app.

They are completely separate apps. Your debug app does not / can not inherit permissions from the IDE.

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Thanks all, I see it’s a Apple feature, I came from Mojave where it was not.

Even don’t using the Documents folder ( I commented all calls to “SpecialFolder.Documents”) the ask permissions appears.

What other call may trigger the Apple permissions to documents folder?

Are-you sure you are using Catalina and not a far more recent version (say Ventura) ?


Is your apps source code in the Documents folder? That would cause this too because the debug app will be created in there.

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No, it is not in the Documents folder.

Not sure then. I only use old versions for testing and I don’t see these warnings in my apps.

That said, recent versions of Xojo also add code signatures automatically. What version of Xojo are you using?

Do you get the dialog as soon as your app starts or when doing something with it later?
You could add a breakpoint at the app.Open (or app.Opening) event and check whether the dialog shows before any of your code. If the prompt shows after the opening event, there’s something in your code that is triggering the dialog. Isolate the line by commenting out several parts of code (or other debugging techniques).

2023 r1
Don’t worry, as I not distribute the app, I just accept the Apple Warning.