Catalina is Malicious Software

Is anyone else still seeing the ridiculous ‘malicious software’ message for software that HAS been code signed and Notarised, under Catalina?


Only seeing this with not codesigned (or badly codesigned) apps.

Thanks for replies so far. I’ll monitor.
PKG was codesigned and notarised, checked with AppWrapper and with ‘Suspicious Packages’, both report happiness.

I have never seen that message.

You say “check with App Wrapper”… Did you actually sign with App Wrapper ?


Send me a link to where I can take a look at it. Maybe App Wrapper’s doing something wrong?

btw. When I first saw your title, I was thinking along the lines.

Virus installs itself to your computer, sometimes corrupting other apps to make them unusable.
Trojan installs software you don’t want or need on your computer, wasting space and sometimes includes naughty things.
Adware, either installs it’s own apps to show you ads for services or products you don’t want, sometimes modifies apps that you use to show you ads.

Catalina includes all of the above :slight_smile: lol!

Thats exactly what I was aiming for. I don’t know what it is with Apple and Microsoft, but these days they both want to scare people away from your software.

‘Cant check for Malicious…’’ (nothing stopping you , Apple… feel free!)
Windows puts up messages that actively accuses your codesigned software of being malware because ‘not many people have installed it’ . Messages like that would be part of the reason why!

Anyhoo… private message sent. Cheers.

Sam tells me that although my checks, and the app ‘Suspicious Packages’ both agreed notarised, it wasnt properly.
So nothing to see here, thankfully

How can you do improper notarising?

it’s the world we live in with idiots making malware, not Apple or MS fault really, they can’t just do nothing.

[quote=485275:@Beatrix Willius]How can you do improper notarising?


Staple the wrong signing certificate to your app.

>>How can you do improper notarising?<<

Pass. All looked fine to me.
Built a new one, moving on.