Case 54392 not fixed

<> shows as fixed. But testing with Xojo 2019r1 it shows that the temporally installed font still does not render in listboxes: instead of the expected font, system font is used.

I just opened another case: <>.

Really baffled: after waiting four months for the fix, I’m still in the same situation. Very bad.

Four months? Someone’s spoiled …. :wink:

I stand corrected: Very good. Indeed, calling for a toast.
BTW: the fix had been announced last December, but since I’m not a pre-release, I had great expectations. Good.

Does at least the workaround I’ve mentioned (<>, December 10) still work?

I’have not tested it, since my problem is mainly listboxes, and pictures (representing text) which I create and then apply to the toolbar: both toolbar’s icon and its caption do not use the temporary installed font.
All other objects (labels, textareas etc.) behave all right.

Is this what you wanted, if so then it works just fine in Windows 10. Could it be that you tested it in a VM on a Mac and the program can not find the fonts?

@Jürg Otter Hi, I tested your workaround and it works all right.

@Andre Kuiper I build the app on Mac and test it on a Window PC running Windows10.
Unfortunatelly from your picture, it seems that even labels do not up in the dinamically loaded font.
Compare your pct and the one below which shows how the upper part looks like on my Window PC.
BTW: since I do not know how to capture a screen shot in Windows, I got a screen shot on the Mac; but it looks the same also on the Win PC.
Thank you for testing.