Cascading windows in Desktop or Console App

Is there a way that xojo can open multiple windows or files and cascade them for easier viewing and organizing for the user?

i would prefer the cascading for opening files, but would also like to know for the windows (which im sure is much easier).

Example: opening 8 .txt files and want them cascaded to show all 8 are opened.

I don’t think the framework knows the relative position of a previously opened window so you would have to code this yourself.

I may be wrong though as I’m quite new to Xojo.

Opened files are only going to appear in a window if you code that yourself, unless you are opening them with another program via .launch. Keep track of the position of newly created windows and provide the cascading effect yourself.

In the IDE set the window position to Parent Window.
If you are doing document based windows properly (using a new copy of the window in code for each document you open) they will cascade each other.