Carbon thread allows UI updating?

I’ve only recently come round to migrating to Xojo. Have searched thru quite a number of conversations and not found the answer to this.

We have a desktop app that uses a thread for downloading serial port data from our instrument, and of course we have a bunch of stuff (progress bar, labels, button states) that get changed by the thread. I understand that no longer is allowed by Xojo and indeed, if I compile for Windows it fails, and if I use the Cocoa framework, it fails. But it still works in Carbon. Is it supposed to?

Carbon is deprecated so it no longer updated. This means it was not updated to raise the ThreadAccessingUIException like Windows, OS X Cocoa or Linux do. That doesn’t mean accessing the UI from a thread is a good idea in a Carbon app, it just means that you won’t get the exception.

OK - that’s good to know. Guess I’ll get to work on making it work in Cocoa.