Carbon Support Better in 2013r4.1 than 2012r2.1?

First thing: I realize that Carbon support was deprecated as of 2013 Release 1. :slight_smile:

I need to update an older app that I was last working on in RS2012r2.1.

Now that I’m used to (and prefer) Xojo over Real Studio, I’m wondering if there are any good reasons that I should not use Xojo to wrap up my carbon app before I work on updating it to fully support Cocoa.

Any gotcha’s with building carbon apps in Xojo2013r4.1? Or should I just wrap it up in RS2012r2.1, just to be safe?

If it ain’t broke… Personally, I keep older versions around for just this purpose.

I agree with Sam. I’d keep with your old version until you’re ready to take it to Cocoa. There were enough changes in that timespan that I’d be concerned about introducing new bugs that you won’t know about until your users complain.

Carbon compatibility suffered from mid 2013 onwards in my experience.

Im happy enough with the Cocoa builds and have stopped compiling Carbon
Although I offer Carbon compiles for ‘pre 10.6’ customers, I have only been asked for 3 Carbon builds and 1 PPC build in the last year.

I would not take any project to cocoa because there are still many problems with mouse events, Global Floating Windows and other problems, in my opinion continue on carbon Cocoa to be more stable.

I agree with Paulo

PPC forever :wink:

Carbon is dead. Yes, there are a few crashes in in Cocoa that I can’t reproduce. But then Carbon has problems with clipping. And let’s not talk about the html viewer in Carbon. Going from Carbon to Cocoa is like a visit to the dentist: it’s painful but when it’s over you feel better :slight_smile:

i use htmlviewer and i don’t really encounter any problem. What kind of problem do u have beatrix??

While the staff xojo not let cocoa 100% stable I will not migrate and will continue to do my projects in RS (2011 r4.1) because any Mac system accepts without problem, including 10.9 Mavericks.

Good for you. You will not be able to sell on the Mac App Store, and eventually Carbon will stop working because of system change, but you will find comfort in a devil you know versus an angel you fear :S

@Richard: I had a html viewer on a page panel. There were many redraw problems (white stripes at the side AFAIR). The biggest problem was Lion where my app had a nice crash when the data was loaded into the html viewer. Therefore I had to get from Carbon to Cocoa in a hurry on 2011r4.

I am using HTML viewer as print preview for HTML generated reports without any clipping errors… but I first had to learn that it makes a huge difference if you are saving a temp file first and opening it, instead of sending the source string via .LoadPage to the Control. After I changed everything to temp files HTML viewer in Cocoa runs pretty well.

i guess i don’t have problem with that since my htmlviewer is on the window. does it have problem with tab panel too??

hi tomas, i create html file for my report too and i always save and then use it in htmlviewer.