Carbon disappears inXojo 2014r3.1 (and newer ?)

I loaded a two years old project yesterday and get the two entries warning (that “update” a project to cocoa *).

After a minute, I searched about the Carbon compile button (or whaever it was) and I failed to meet him.

Was it removed ?
And so Carbon is definitively dead ?

Just a a question from a curious guy.

  • Some more work have to be done, but the project opens and run once that is done and that was what I wanted to do.

[quote]Was it removed ?
And so Carbon is definitively dead ?[/quote]

Oui et oui.

I was thinking so and remember a notice in the deprecated page, but I do not recall something from the release notes.

I will search there.

Thank you Roger.

PS: I get an eye on the docs page and found… the last release with Carbon is the previous one: 2014r2.

Has been announced on Xojo Blog back in July 2014:
The End of Carbon Support

Yes, but I slept since then ;-:slight_smile:

Also, I was not complaining, I was just curious and happy by Xojo reaction to that ‘Carbon’ project.