Capture Restore Down Event?

I need a way to capture the Restore Down event in Windows. The Restore Down occurs when the window is already maximized and the user presses the Maximize button again. The tool tip shows the title “Restore Down”. I can get Windows messages but I have no idea what the message to look for should be.

Any WndProc or WFS gurus help out with this?

I could not check with Msdn as the search is down right now. There is probably an event for that.

In Xojo, though, you can detect the event by keeping a record of window sizes in Resized. If the window size comes back to what it was before the maximize event, then Restore Down has occurred.

Thanks, that actually what I ended up doing. This is a very old project (some of it not coded by me) we gave a Restore command to all windows in the App.Activate event. Once I removed that bit of ‘fun’ much of my problem went away. Not sure why it was there to begin with.

So this isn’t immediate, but it would be nice to document what it is and where you got the event id. I’m sure I’ll need it again in, oh, 4 or 5 years. :slight_smile:

Suspect you want the sized message with a param of restored