Captcha in WE

Hey all,
Did a quick search here and on the old forums for some info to see if someone had implemented a captcha in a WE app.
Didn’t find anything so I’ll ask :slight_smile:

Have anyone created a captcha in WE that could be shared with the community? :slight_smile:


…or tips on how to create one, of course!

I don’t think a captcha is necessary in a WE app, as the “user” has to support javascript to access it at all. The spam bots that a captcha is supposed to protect you from can’t access your app. Technically, a bot could be programmed to handle js, but they don’t bother as it’s more work and slows them down.

Yes, we have used Google ReCAPTHA in the past. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at it. If you haven’t heard from me in a few days bug me to get a project to you.

How hard is drawing few letters and numbers in a picture in web edition?

I took a quick look at it, seems a bit hard to get to work in WE?

Don’t know yet. Haven’t worked much with graphics…yet :slight_smile:

Easy, but it’ll be easily broken. OCR has become pretty good, and the robots DO run JavaScript. That’s why reCAPTCHA uses images from failed book scans. It uses images that have already been proven to fail an OCR capture.

Don’t try to implement it yourself.

If, anyone wish to make a good captcha, the recipe is the following: Make it hard to find the contours of the patterns for the automation, but not so hard to the human eyes. A colorful noisy background, with colorful displaced letters and numbers, each one randomically displaced, resized, rotated and spaced, and… painted XORed over this confuse background. Just find a way of creating a good random background in such way the contours of those characters over it can’t be found. :wink:

An alternative would be to do it the right way.

Well, that was before the WebSDK and WebCanvas so it might be much easier to implement now.

You mean, another right way. :wink: Just make tests, if you get 0% of full pattern recognition, you are very good to go. ( )

No really? A whole lot easier said than done.

Well, the fact of your argument being right, it’s really harder creating a new one than using a known and ready one, don’t make mine wrong. :wink: Can someone please check if any OCR available returns ABCDE from this? Mine couldn’t.

Most humans can’t! It still has to be accessible.

I’d hate to be colour blind with that one…

How color blind people see it (Deuteranope version)

Making it more color blind friendly is just a question of choosing the right mix of colors and tones. The only trick here is making the automation confuse detecting the edges and contours. That’s why I use circles in the background and a round fat font, Humans can find the edges, computers need a very dedicated software for each captcha approach. The is no captcha unbreakable. You just need smart people focusing on breaking it, and reCaptcha got some attention. reCaptcha is the captcha equivalent of Windows for crackers/hackers.

I don’t say “Don’t use it”. It’s very safe. I’m just doing some exercise here.