I have gestures enabled on my MacBookPro (I think!)
Such that double tapping in Chrome or a PDF does smart zoom.
But the CanvasGesturesMBS example does nothing - I cant get any response for a gesture at all.
It says ‘gestures must be enabled in preferences and the canvas must have the focus’ … as far as I can tell , they are.

Anyone managed to make this work?

Works here for me as I wrote it.

I know - or you wouldn’t have shipped the example. I trust you.

But no events are logged for me at all, and I wonder if any other users are getting it to work.
Or whether ‘enable gestures’ requires a certain type of Mac, or some setting I cannot see, or a special kind of trackpad, or the ritual sacrifice of a goat at a crossroads under a full moon…


I have a MacBook Pro and in system preferences for the trackpad, you can enable a few checkboxes for gestures.

Me too, and I did. Pinchzoom , double tap to zoom, rotate… all ticked.