Canvas Ugly on Windows, why?

Have anyone experienced that?

I made an App that runs fine on OS X and windows. It has Custom canvas buttons (circles).

In oSX the buttons looks very very nice. But when I run it on Windows, Looks veeeeeeeeery crappy

Circles looks distorted even the Drawstrtring text looks ugly like Atari or Supermario 8-bit video games.

Is this a Xojo fault, or I missing something?

do you have GDI+ turned on?
do you have Antialias set to false? (if so, set it to true)

OSX and Windows may not look Identical, but should be very similar…

Another thing… are you using a Font that may not be available on Windows? if so, then it is choosing something for you, and it may not be the best choice…

All things to consider,before blaming Xojo or Windows :slight_smile:

Another way to go is to draw at four times the size of the canvas on a picture, and then draw a scaled down version of that picture onto the canvas. That should alleviate possible jaggies.

So for the education of others that follow… which one (or combo) was it that caused the issue for you?

Yeah dont draw at 4x and scale down
You lose details and they get all munged together when you do this
Its why Apple recommends so many sizes for icons etc as you can tweak the nearest size much better & end up with a sharper look overall

See the section entitled Tips for Creating High-Resolution Artwork in Apples HIG


You ask if GDI+ is turned on. How does this affect Windows? When I turn it on all my charts look terrible and increase in size, but when I turn it off, everything looks great.