Canvas Over PagePanel issues


Is there any issue with the page panel or the canvas ?

OS : 10.13.6
IDE : XOJO 2018R2

I Just added a page panel on one project on ma and added a canvas where I suppose to put a logo, round logo with transparent background. Transparent is off everywhere, if I disable the double buffer on the canvas then the whole square is black on the interface , but if I enable the double buffer even if the canvas is empty I have that color difference on the screen , I thought that the canvas suppose to be invisible and transparent .

Once I put the logo in the pain event I get it but the color in the square canvas stays the same like a shade of gray . The funny part is that if I do a snapshot with Grab on the snapshot the gray disappears so is this a framework issue or a OS issue ? It seems that you cannot use Google Drive to share images here, Snapshot here .

Thanks .

Well that is strange, I deleted the canvas and the page panel, I added new ones, same name, same code, but the only difference was that I keep that recommended space between the page panel and the main window, normally I wanted to have the page panel starting 0 top , 0 left but it seems that this creates the layering issue. I will check more and update the post .