Canvas not intercepting touch

I have a view with canvas2 partially overlapping and on top of canvas1. When I touch canvas 2 anywhere there is not another underlying control the pointer down event does not fire. When I touch canvas2 where it overlaps with canvas1 (or any other control for that matter) the underlying control pointer down event fires.
Obviously this is an error. Anyone else seen it? Any known fix? Has a bug report been filed?

I deleted canvas2 and dragged a new canvas into position. Added same event coding and it works. Conclusion: for some reason that control instance was defective.

Good you could solve it, but if you should ever run into this problem again, make sure that one canvas has not unintentionally become the child of the other (that was the cause of a similar problem I once encountered). UIViews own an exclusivetouch property that may cause the parent not to forward events to its children. Currently, this property is available via declares only.