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In a canvas I load an image, then I write a text or draw something in paint, how can I copy everything on another picture so that I can use it for a pdf, to copy it to another camvas or more. I tried these two ways to view everything in another canvas but only the loaded image is displayed

dim p as Picture
Canvas1.DrawInto (p.Graphics,0,0)
which is the right solution?

When using the paint event, the content is not available via the Canvas’s Backdrop property. You should draw to a Picture object which you can make available via a property or method, then draw that to the Canvas in Paint.

thank you for the advice Anthony, i tried with this code but i get an error for every line
I have to write the character “O” in a previously calculated x and y coordinate
I load the image first
rem load ok if I use Canvas1.Backdrop = p i see the image on the canvas
p.Graphics.FontName = “Arial”
p.Graphics.DrawingColor = &cFF0000
p.Graphics.FontSize = 20
p.Graphics.DrawText “O”,x,y
where am i wrong?

Try this:

pSource = Picture.Open(f)
Var p as New Picture( pSource.Width, pSource.Height ) pSource, 0, 0 )
p.Graphics.FontName = "Arial"
p.Graphics.DrawingColor = &cFF0000
p.Graphics.FontSize = 20
p.Graphics.Bold = true
p.Graphics.DrawText( "O", x, y )
Canvas1.Backdrop = p

This is forum code, so I haven’t actually tested it.

I tried and it works fine, thank you very much Anthony
I only had to change p.DrawPicture(pSource, 0,0) with p.Graphics.DrawPicture(pSource, 0,0)


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Happy to help! I updated the response to include that fix. Please mark that post as the solution, so others can easily find it in the future.

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