Canvas in ImageWell/Container weirdness

Ok, let’s play Bug or No Bug again… =)

I tried this is Xojo 2013r3 and REAL2011r3, on Mac 10.6, the last 10.6.

Take a new project and put a ImageWell on a Window. Put a Canvas in the ImageWell. From there, you can give the Canvas a backdrop property or a g.DrawPicture(mypng, 0, 0) in the Paint event.

Start the app, the picture does not appear in the Canvas. It does appear when you resize the window though. If I try doing Canvas1.Refresh in the WIndow.Open event, it still doesn’t show. I can get it to show once I resize the Window - finally throws a Paint event that gets regarded.

What DOES help in getting it to show naturally - although it’s silly - add another Canvas object and do the backdrop or Paint thing. then BOTH canvases show the picture upon startup!

Here’s an example project

Bug, or No Bug?