Canvas Class Drag and Drop Locks Xojo


When I open two Xojo (2013 r4.1) desktop projects on Windows 8.1, and create a canvas class on one project, and then attempt to drag and drop (or copy and paste) the Canvas Class from one project to the other, both Xojo apps hang and need to be closed by Ctr-Alt-Del.

Is anyone else noticing this? I wasn’t able to find a feedback case, and if a case exists, my apologies.

Here are the directions to replicate the issue:

  1. Create two blank Xojo Desktop projects on Windows 8.1 and save them (I called them EraseMe.xojo_binary_file and EraseMe1.xojo_binary_file).
  2. Add a class to EraseMe.xojo_binary_file and change the Super to Canvas - save the file
  3. Attempt to drag the Canvas Class from one project to another - the canvas begins to move with the mouse until the picture of the class is inbetween the space between the two projects
  4. Both programs lock up and the Class picture stays suspended
  5. Press Ctr-Alt-Del to end the programs
  6. Occasionally, the class picture remains on the screen even though Xojo is closed. A reboot of the system resets the Class Icon from interfering with other programs.

Does anyone else notice this issue?