Canvas and animations

[quote=175606:@Meade Lewis]But refreshing every millisecond would be 1000 frames per second…

Once again, maybe I am over simplifying it.[/quote]
Oh, ok, yes, it probably would be. That’s why we implemented UIView block animations – no need for a timer and smooth GPU-based transitions.

@Christoph: I could re-use big portions of my OS X project and built half of the CALayer property now. Next will be CATransform3D methods and then the layer animations – that’s probably what you were looking for in the first place.

Ah yes, That makes sense.

Especially for @Christoph: I just updated the repository. You find first demos of the CALayer Core Animations included in CALayer/Layer properties. More are already included but I’m lacking time for the demo views implementations (and documentation…) :frowning:

@Dave: Thanks for sharing your experience. I forgot to contact you for the license, having seen your generous offer for forum members. Really love it from the demo video you shared. It would be fun trying a view more retro games with CALayer features – or what about Game Kit? :wink:

I’m planning to implement GameKit soon, hopefully by the end of the month (May 1). I’m nearly done with StoreKit - will need some people to help me beta test it soon to make sure everything works as expected before I push it as an update to iOSKit.

Found something in my Easter nest: CABasicAnimations and CAKeyframeAnimations, at least quite a few of them. The wiki tells you how to use them and the Demo views give some examples. I know the WebView and notifications views do not work, will fix them soon.

Newest addition to animations: CAEmitterLayer. And you can animate a CAGradientLayer too.