Can't walk forward/back in a PostgreSQL recordset?

I can understand that databases like MySQL have forward only recordsets, but PostgreSQL?

Can’t we MoveFist, MovePrevious, MoveNext and MoveLast in a PostgreSQL recordset, why?

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It’s true, PostgreSQL can definitely handle all these movements (See

I’m not sure how one would MoveLast without knowing the count, though.

PostgreSQL cursors can be moved towards any direction, MOVE LAST jumps to the end of the recordset.

These are the MOVE directions:

RELATIVE count (can be negative)

I’ve got an older case on the same topic: <> In this report, I’ve already outlined a workaround that I used successfully. Advantage of a custom cursor is that on select not the whole data of the full recordset is transferred to the client. Maybe it’s even possible to wrap this method in a Database / Recordset subclass somehow…

Yep. I still learning how things work in here. We can’t do a real dbbrowser with forward only cursors, and having client only cursors adds huge overhead on data transfer when the result set is large and wastes client side memory. I miss some properties from the current classes, like defining things to a Query Object like cursorType=(client,server), cursorIsolation=(committed, uncommitted, repeatable read, serializable).