Can't use the Enigma Protector to protect Xojo applications

Has anyone been able to use the Enigma Protector with Xojo applications? (The Enigma Protector is a toolkit that allows one to implement a licensing and registration scheme with a compiled Windows application.) I’ve long been able to use the Enigma Protector on Real Basic / Real Studio applications, but am now having trouble when trying to protect Xojo apps. I am able to run Enigma Protector on a compiled Xojo app, but when I run the protected app, and it calls an Enigma Protector function, an error message such as the following appears:

Runtime Error
Press OK to Continue
Press Cancel to Quit.

Please report what caused this error
along with the information below.

Common\Loaders\Loader.cpp: 171
Failure Condition: 0
Failed to load library enigma_ide.dll
The specified module could not be found.

An example of how I call an Enigma Protector function is as follows:

Dim lLongResult as Int16 Declare Function EP_EnigmaVersion Lib "enigma_ide.dll" () As Int16 lLongResult = EP_EnigmaVersion()

Does anyone know of any solutions or workarounds? Thank you.

Sounds like the same symptoms as

FYI, I am now able to use Enigma Protector with Xojo applications, after applying the following solution: