Can't upload Apps


I just purchased a Xojo Cloud package but I’m having troubles uploading Apps to the server. Every time I try to deploy, I get one of the following Error Messages:

  • “Your application could not be deployed because your permission to do so could not be established.”
    -“An error occured while connecting to the Xojo Cloud server. Please wait a few minutes and try again.”

Am I doing something wrong?

Where do you live?

Benjamin - we’re looking into it now…

@Benjamin Wullschleger - I’ve just restarted your server. Please try again.

It is working now :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for your help!

I’m having the same problem…

Try restarting your server from the Control Panel.

@Alex Mohseni - We did some work on the hosting system this morning. Please try again.


Last week everthing runs well with the deployment.

Today. Nothing is going!

The deployment stops without any error during:

"Preparing for deployment to xojo Cloud.

Then this msgbox closed and nothing happens?

What can we do?


Did you get any errors after the dialog disappeared?

No, nothing. It just close. And “its back in the Xojo IDE”

I don’t see any errors on this end, in fact I don’t see any indication that you’re connecting at all. Please try the following:

  • Sign Out from the IDE and Sign In again.
  • Make sure your firewall is not blocking outgoing connections from the IDE.

Now i am in my home office. The first 5 times a got the an error "“An error occurred while connecting…”

With the 6 time it runs and its now uploaded!

Maybe there are some spezial ports needed to deploy?

We’ve just pushed out an update for this issue. It should be on your server in 15 minutes or so.