Can't undo in 16r2 / OS X

I know this wasn’t a problem earlier, but I’ve run into an issue the 16r2 release where I can’t undo code typing changes. The project dirty dot is lit, so the IDE is recognizing that something’s changed (I selected a loop to reposition it, but hit DEL instead of CMD-X), but the Edit -> Undo menu is disabled and nothing happens if I type CMD-Z.

RS 16r2, OS X 10.11.6

Restart Xojo? Usually fixes a myriad of ‘odd’ issues.

Unfortunately, that means I lose a big chunk of code … Oh well, that’s what version control is for.

why lose anything… you said UNDO didn’t work… save it as another project… that way you can “save” the parts

Related at all to this? <>

Can’t Dave, I’d used DEL when I should have used CMD-X. It wasn’t on the clipboard.

@Tim Parnell - it doesn’t look like it. I was just in the normal code editor.