Can't start 2015r4.1 IDE on Ubuntu 14.04

The version for Linux doesn’t come in deb format and so doesn’t install the same way. Do we have to copy the files somewhere? Wondering if there is a Readme file for this?

After some trials and errors…

It seems that if one does not copy the xojo files to /opt/xojo/2015r4.1 folder (e.g. puts it in a /home/2015r4.1 folder) and then launches xojo, subsequent launches of the IDE will be broken even if one copies the files to the aforementioned folder. One must therefore create the right folder and copy xojo to that folder before running it.

Yet it seems there are dependencies listed under “Linux Information” at in a table that indicate the following files also need to be installed:

glibc-2.11 (32-bit) or glibc-2.14 (64-bit) libsoup 2.4 (if Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket is used) libicu 4.2+

However the names of these dependencies are not the same with the Ubuntu 14.04 distribution and not all the equivalents can be found in the Ubuntu repositories.

Consequently we have thrown 2015r4.1 in the too hard basket for now.

Could we please have a deb file?

If you have a too hard basket, Linux is not the right platform for you.

Tim, that’s a fair comment if Xojo was FOSS – where you get what you pay for. But Xojo is much better than any FOSS tool (because it’s paid-for) so a deb file suited to the most popular distros (as was supplied previously) should not be too much to ask.

Regarding whether there should be a too hard basket, certainly Linux is harder than Windows but at least you own your computer (so to speak) and if that’s too hard then we are all in trouble. So I should not need to hire an LCP to install Xojo on the current Ubuntu LTS. However if you have some positive suggestions that solve the problem Tim, I’m more than willing to listen!


i think there is no DEB becaus auf a bug (]Feedback Case #41414 Installer for Ubuntu / Debian Linux - Error - The Package is of Bad Quality

Greg O’Lone said something about this in another thread No DEB for 2015r4?

I could send you an install Script i wrote later in the day, not at the Linux-PC right now. Should work on Ubuntu also - written for Linux Mint 17.x - Which is a Ubuntu 14.04 - It will Install the Required Dependencys, Download the TGZ and Unpack it in the right Place, Set the Rights and Install the Menue Item.
(Or better give an Download Link)

Best Regards,

Ren Landscheidt

Thanks Ren that would be very helpful.

@Rene: yes please, download link would be very useful!

Hello @all,

Sorry that it took some time to reply. I had a bad day yesterday. :-/
Somehow the FS of my main DEV Machine (Macbook Pro) has been corrupted. Stii reinstalling most of the Up2Date Software.
And that right as i was at a customer.

Now uploading the Script as gz to my FTP. Link will follow.

Best Regards,

R. Landscheidt

[Note: I’m at work with my beloved Linux laptop so I’m paraphrasing]

For what I do with the Linux Xojo TGZ file, is:

  1. I create a directory off my home directory "\home\{user name}\Apps\Xojo
    [ You only have to do this once.]
  2. I copy the TGZ file there. Currently the file is “xojo2015r41.tgz”
  3. I extract the contents of this compressed file. On Linux Mint (and probably most other Linux distros) right click on it in the file explorer and choose the “Uncompress” option.
  4. Confirm that this has created a subdirectory below the “Xojo” directory. It should look like this: “\home\{user name}\Apps\Xojo\xojo2015r41”
  5. In that directory, should be the main Xojo application. Make sure that under “Permissions > Execute” box is checked that sets the permission that the Xojo IDE can be run. (You can also set the execute priviledges from the command line.)
  6. Double click on the Xojo application and it should run. If not, check the dependencies or the Execution priviledges again and then ask on the forum for help if needed.
  7. You can create a shortcut on your desktop or tool tray, or wherever to make it easier to execute.

Not too bad. Just a minute of work when you get to know how. When xojo2016r1 comes out, follow the (similar) steps to get that version installed side-by-side to xojo2015r41. Good luck and enjoy Xojo on Linux!

Thats roughly what I do on all my Linux VM’s
Lets me have many versions side by side


Well my Script Installs it like manually (just inside the /opt/xojo/$XojoVer$ - Folder so it should be able to Install multiple Versions.

It just helps to instal the dependencys first. (Exept libwebkitgtk1, seems the 32Bit Package is somehow broken (one of the dependency of this package dependency is not installable)


Best Regards,

Ren Landscheidt

PS: It also creates the Menu Entrys.

Thanks for all the tips and tricks. As Ubuntu 14.04 is our present SOE it’s very important to me to get it right…

What is the effect of libwebkitgtk1 not being installed?


as far as i know, it means that the HTMLViewer Control won’t work in your “Compiled - Apps” - it’s shouldn’t give you any Problems with Xojo it’self.

Best Regards,

R. Landscheidt

Fortunately this is not a problem for me now. But had the update been distributed in a deb file the error would have been detected by Xojo…

What would have been detected is the lintian bug that prevents us from shipping a deb file :frowning:

Best Regards,
Ren Landscheidt[/quote]

based on your script I have created a program (I use it in Elementary OS)

I commented out dependencys in the script, I don’t need it.
(in Constant myscript)

Download Project File

Thanks Axel, I asked a newbie programmer last week to install on Linux and he couldn’t. Linux definitely needs an installer like yours… (Of course he wouldn’t be able to use your project file without first being able to install Xojo.)

Regarding Norman’s comment:

What would have been detected is the lintian bug that prevents us from shipping a deb file :([/quote]

I will need the full Linux version in the near future and know a developer who wishes to purchase Linux desktop and have recommended to another unknowing that Linux may have no working HTMLViewer. Will Xojo please utilize a newer version of Webkit since the fix from the Linux community regarding the old one has not been forthcoming?

Hello @all,

had some free time.

Cleaned the Script a bit Up and made it a little intelligent.

  • Now With Dialog’s (in the Shell [uses dialog command])

  • Can Download and Install the last 3 Versions (2015r3.1, 2015r4, 2015r4.1)

  • Will only download if the File does not exist already (Warning even if the File is only Partial it will not Download again)

  • Will Ask if you need / want to install the dependency Packages

  • ToDo add the install code for RPM and Arch.

  • Make the Installer install Versioned Menu Entrys - Installs only one Entry using /usr/bin/Xojo

(My Bash Knowledge is a bit rusty)

new Download:

PS: Tested on clean Install of Ubuntu 14.04.3 in a VM - works.

Best Regards,

R. Landscheidt

I tried Kevin’s manual install method with Xojo2016r1 on Mint Cinnemon 17. 3 no problem.

Rene’s scripts will still be useful for developing on Ubuntu, but I’m getting a server certificate error when I click on the download link.