Can't select down in Excel

Can’t figure out the Xojo- equivalent of the following Excel-vba-code:

Sub SelectDown() ' Like Ctrl+Shift+Down Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.End(xlDown)).Select End Sub

This is wat i got so far :frowning:
(From within an ExcelApplication-subclass)

 me.Range(me.ActiveCell, me.ActiveCell.End(Office.xlDown)).Select_

Hi Jan,

This snippet of code selects a column of data down to the last row. Does this work for you?

Dim excel as new ExcelApplication excel.Visible = true excel.Workbooks.add excel.Range(excel.ActiveCell, excel.ActiveCell.End_(Office.xlDown)).Select_


worked like a charm! :smiley:
Thank you so much.

It was the undescore at the end of “End” I was missing