Can't select different desktop picture for Mojave light/dark mode

I have Mojave running on VM, when I changed from light mode to dark mode the desktop image changed to dark too.

I just tested Mojave 10.14.1 running on a Macbook Air and I didn’t understand why the desktop image didn’t change there. I compared all settings and I saw that the VM when in Light mode, the Desktop was set to Dynamic, and if I change to Dark mode the Desktop report Mojave Dark (Still).

Not thinking that this will change the behavior, I changed the image on the VM and now I can’t make it work the way it was working. Now when I change from light mode to dark mode and back, the desktop image stay the same.

I can’t find information on how to make it work the way it was. Any ideas?

Check and see if you are using the dynamic background. If so, the brightness of the background is determined by the time on your computer.

Thank you Greg. I’ll try to be more clear.

In short, after fresh Mojave install I get:

  • Light mode - Dynamic
  • Dark mode - Dark (Still)
    if I change the desktop image property to Light (Still) or other setting:
  • Light mode - Light (Still) (or whatever I select)
  • Dark mode - Light (Still) (or whatever I select)
    can’t make it work as before.
    If I select Dynamic in Light mode it stay Dynamic in Dark mode, if I change to Dark (Still) in Dark mode then I change to Light mode stay Dark (Still).

The dynamic wallpaper will change depending on the time of the day. However if you keep it as still, it will remain static throughout the day and does not change no matter which appearance you select.

Thank you Edwin. I changed the topic title, I think now is more clear.

When I first install Mojave, I have a different Desktop picture for light/dark mode. I see Dynamic for Light mode and Dark (Still) for Dark mode.

Then I change (in Dark mode), Dark (Still) for Dynamic. Now I have Dynamic in Light mode and also in Dark mode.

I didn’t like the Dynamic picture in Dark mode at noon (for example), so I said, ok I’ll go to Dark mode and change that to Dark (Still), thinking that I will end with Dynamic in Light mode and Dark (Still) in Dark mode just as when I installed Mojave. To my surprise, now both Light and Dark mode have the Dark (Still) desktop picture.

I can’t find a way to have Dynamic in Light mode and Dark (Still) in Dark mode again.