Can't scroll a Xojo Window

It seems if you Webpage is bigger than you browser window you can’t scroll it. Like if you go to the page on your iPhone you can’t scroll to the areas that are hidden.

Is there a way to change this behavior?



Is the minheight set?

Min height is set to 400, Hight is set to 534.

increase min Height to the minimum height you need.
That may be 600 or so.

I have set Min Height to the height and the same with the width.

On the iPhone I can scroll down but can’t scroll horizontally.

Is there any way to do that?


I have a page that is too wide for the browser. I have webpage.minwidth set to the correct width that I need. My weblistbox extends off the right side of the browser window, as it should.

When I am over a blank area of the page, I can horizontally scroll, but if I am over the listbox, the page will not scroll. Is there any way to allow the page to scroll? The listbox covers most of the page and users would want to scroll while they are over the listbox.

Is the listbox intercepting the mousewheel events? Where are the scrollbars, if any? Are you scrolling with a mousewheel or by dragging the scrollbar thumb or by clicking in the scrollbar?

There is a vertical scrollbar. The listbox column widths are set as percentage, so there is no horizontal scrollbar. The mousewheel works for scrolling vertical. The listbox must be intercepting the horizontal scroll, even though there is no horizontal scrollbar.

Is there a way, javascript or otherwise, that would allow the horizonal mousewheel to scroll the page left and right while hovering over the listbox?