Can't run iOS project

Hey all,

I’m playing around with the iOS target and I can’t run my project. I have Xcode installed and I can run that as well as simulator. Nonetheless, I can’t select anything in the simulator device section of my Xojo project’s build settings. There just isn’t anything populated in that popup menu. Thoughts?

Search the forum, I asked this exact question a few weeks ago, and got an answer (just don’t recall now what it was)

Open the simulator
Under the Hardware > Devices > Manage Devices … how many simulators does it list ?
Mine looks like

The solution when I had this problem :

I have quite a few devices listed in the simulator (see below). Dave, before posting I tried looking for a previous topic, but didn’t have any luck. Do you know what the subject was called?

By the way, I’m using Xojo 2014 r3.1 and Xcode 6.1.1.

Got it! I looked at you posts Dave and then looked at the Xcode prefs. There was nothing selected in the “Command line Tools” in Xcode’s Locations tab so I set that to “Xcode 6.1.1”. That did the trick!

Glad you got it to work… sorry I was busy with work and could not respond quicker