Can't run Feedback 1.2 on Fedora 28.

When I try to run the currently available Feedback app on Fedora 28 or 29, the app reports that it can’t find libwebkit:

Could not load libWebKit Could not load libGtkHTML

However, yum says it’s installed:

Package webkit2gtk3-2.20.5-1.fc28.x86_64 is already installed, skipping.

The IDE and my apps run as well as currently expected.


strace to the rescue - Feedback is linked against libwebkitgtk-1 and that version was removed from all new RH, CentOS, and Fedora repositories.

This plays right back into my discussion about including libraries into the app. The system updated to a new version of libwekit and now Feedback is FUBAR until Xojo compiles a new version against libwebkitgtk-2.

I also find it interesting that Feedback checks it’s included Libs folder for the libwebkit-1 existence:

openat(AT_FDCWD, "/opt/xojo/feedback/Feedback Libs/libwebkit-1", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

Looks like Xojo Runtime loads that on demand and can check in the folder.

You may fill a feedback case to ask for feedback update.

"The “FooBar” application cannot connect to the Internet: please read the support pages at

libWebKit ( was discontinued in Fedora 27 and i think is what Feedback needs.

I’ve tried to install the F26 package, but has several dependencies to install it. If you want to try and see what are, read for example here:

Xojo must solve this by using libWebKit2 (GKT3) that is what you have installed or other solution.

In my case, FUBAR is a military acronym, not the modified “foobar” used in computer examples :).

That’s my point.