Can't run after IDE crash

(windows 8.1, 2014r2)
Due to some rubbish code I have, I can make the IDE lock up. I can’t stop the application (using the IDE control) and killing the browser session does not end execution either. So I right click the Xojo icon on the running apps bar and choose “Close Window”. The IDE shuts down fine, and I can restart it without any obvious errors and reload my application.

But now when I try to run the application it seems to go through the motions of compiling everything but instead of firing up the browser tab it seems to just silently fail and go back into editing mode. No errors anywhere that I can see. In fact, no indication anything has happened at all. The only way to get Xojo able to run apps again is to restart Windows completely. No amount of restarting Xojo helps.

My buggy code is around a subclass of the HTTPSocket where I’m attempting to get HTTP1.1 sends going (based on a forum post somewhere). I’m playing around and making mistakes and I’m not entirely surprised I’m killing things like the IDE.

I’m guessing that because I needed to restart Xojo in this way that it’s left “something” lying around that doesn’t get deleted until windows restarts. Some temp files or something that prevent the compilation/execution of my app.

Any clues as to what or where, or even how I can find out? There’s no obvious clue that I can see so I’m kind of at a standstill.


I’m a complete spanner.
The project exe was still running. I had been looking for “xojo…” files in the task manager and not for the name of my project.exe.

Killed the task, all is well.

Anyone got a spare brain?

Minds are like parachutes. Just because you’ve lost yours doesn’t mean you can borrow mine. :slight_smile:

I doubt this is going to work. You don’t have the ability to change the version of the HTTP header which specifically states that it is 1.0.

My brain weighs the same as lead. I think I’d happily swap mine for a parachute. At least that’s of some use.

Re my intentions, I’m now doing this in a subclass of tcpsocket. As soon as I can work out the events …