Can't restart or enable / disable sftp

I get a message saying “has restarted” followed by “couldn’t restart at this time”. Same with Disable / Enable sftp. A message appears then is immediately covered by another message “We could not disable SFTP access at this time. Please wait a bit, and try again.” Is anyone else having this issue?


It seems to be working for me, on my server. I will try yours.

Edit - yours is also working for me. Are you still having the problem?

Now it is working. I don’t know what the issue was. I was able to disable/enable sftp. But now nothing lists when I click on the List Apps button. My steps were: started XOJO, went to my account, clicked on Cloud, and clicked on the List Apps button and get nothing. I click on the Restart button, a message appears too fast to read, followed by another message " We could not restart at this time. Please wait a bit and try again." Using Chrome browser on an iMac if that helps.


It’s hard to say what happened but it’s good to hear that it’s working now.

Now its not. I couldn’t connect, authentication failure, so I thought perhaps I wrote the key down incorrectly. Tried to disable/enable and got the same message referred to above.


So far, I haven’t seen the problem here. I will keep looking…

I will contact you privately.