Can't report normal bugs in Feedback

Whenever I report a bug, it switches to beta bug and makes the case only visible to testers.
This is very annoying as we find bugs, which are not related to the beta version.

Bugs that exist in 2019 releases as well as the new beta.
Could this please be changed?


which ironically is submitted as a beta bug :slight_smile:

I was able to see it; it is closed and set “the bug do not exists in a new version”…

I have no idea what you looked at Emile
is open, visible to beta testers and marked reproducible

I clicked into your link, Feedback was fired and displayed a bug report that was closed, etc.

Maybe a bug with Feedback ? I start it again.

Apparently, you are right, I get this bug (I do not readed the title):

59787 - clipboard autocomplete doesnt show documented methods

It’s a bug, but not the way I was awaiting !


If you’re not in the testers group I have no idea what Feedback might do :slight_smile:

If the bug report is not visible to me, nothing have to be displayed instead of say the last displayed (or whatever) report.

I removed the last reports from the list and…

That’s it: no bug report is displayed now that CASES is empty.

ah so it just showed you one of the cases you had open instead of saying “Yeah I cant show you that”

confusing UI

Above the case 59816 it says: Visible to Norman Palardy, prerelease testers and Xojo.

I actually selected “BUG” for that one but thats how it went it
I noticed it while trying to report something else as a regular bug and it wouldnt let me