Can't reestablish broken image links

Went to work on a project which I had moved from its previous location and all the links to pictures are broken. This used to not be a problem, but see the feedback case. Xojo cannot find my 100 pic links. It would take hours to redo these images. Has anyone else encountered this and have a workaround?

this has been an issue for more years than I can remember… and you can’t even cancel out of loop as it trys to find the next missing image.

Since I always keep all my images in a single folder, I use to be able to just show Xojo where the first image was and it would resolve all of the missing links. Now nothing. Started to reestablish the links one by one tonight and got so fed up with the tediousness of that I had to quit. I could spit nails about now.

Wasn’t there a Select All button in previous versions ?

Maybe a change in Mojave ?

Did you try to open the project with 2018r2 without saving the result ?

If you open the *.xojo_project file in a text editor you can search and replace the path to the pictures.

assuming it isn’t saved in Binary Format

There is a select all button and I clicked it. By my reckoning that should have enabled the “Resolve” button. but nooooo!

Project saved in binary format only.

I will try to open the project in an earlier version of Xojo tomorrow and see what happens

I do not saw it in the screen shot (my glasses ? later at night ?).

Other suggestion: export the project as xml, then in a text editor,change the images relative path from the old location to the new location. At a last resort, if nothing else will work.

Move your project back to where it was, delete the images, move it to new location & drag the images back in a batch?

Open it from the previous location, Save-as to the new location, then File->Collect project items…

[quote]Move your project back to where it was, delete the images, move it to new location & drag the images back in a batch?[/quote]\
You get the 1x1 image only. The @2x image still needs to be re-added and with 100 images that’s a nuisance. I still need the previous behavior where I showed Xojo the correct folder and it fixed the links

FWIW, when I moved the .xojo_binary_project back to its original location, the links were still broken. I think the only way I can find to get this project back up and running is to
Open the project
Delete the Images folder from the IDE project pane
Drag a new Images folder into the project which gives me the 1x1 image only
do 100 drag and drops to restore the @2x version of each image.