Can't post in Testers category , but can download

For some reason I cannot post in the Testers category. I emailed XOJO, and they confirmed I should be able to. I tried logging in and out, but that didn’t work.
The end result of not being able to is I posted a bug report – which was the reason for wanting to post was to avoid the report.

Xojo confirmed the reason I can’t post is

The Testers forum is closed as there are currently no test builds available. It will reopen once the next release is ready for testing. The last version posted on the Testers channel is the same as the version we shipped, which you can download here:

The conclusion is an answer, but I wouldn’t know that for sure.

Just post a normal topic in this forum in some other category…

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Note that would also work for the Testers channel. You post in the regular channel and the moderators move it to the Testers channel :grin:

To revive an old thread: Exactly the same happens to me. I can access the testers category, I can reply to existing threads, but I cannot create a new one.