Can't install Xojo

Ok… I just got a brand-new Acer Computer with Win10 Home on it.
I logged into my Xojo account, and downloaded 2018r4 for Windows…
Win10 asked me what to do when download was complete … I said “Run”

When DL was complete… I get an error dialog

I have NO IDEA what happened nor how to fix it (remember I’m not a Windows guy)…

There were also a few “Norton” things flash by… Not a Windows Fan, but REALLY Hate Norton…

My guess is Norton blocked some parts of the installation. I would try temporarily disable Norton and try again.

Edit: haven’t used Norton in more than 10 years

I only use Norton on my Windows PC because it comes with my comcast internet and there are times that I have disabled it due to such errors then turned it back on

I think I disabled Norton… well I unchecked everything… (I love macOS)… so I assume that disabled it (and it won’t be temporary)

So where did the download go? or do I have to do it again?

You may be able to locate it using the download history in your browser.

Check the downloads folder in your Documents

Left click the Windows Start down in the task bar (far left) and look for file explorer and you can navigate to Documents or Downloads from there

And also as Greg mentioned … download history in your browser

I downloaded it again, telling it SAVE instead of RUN… then RUN after that was done… and it worked.
And I guess I got the license set, as I was able to build an executable test program


FYI… the first time it was NOT in Downloads or Documents… Second time (when I said “Save”) it WAS in Downloads…

When you downloaded it the first time it was quarantined by Norton so you’d have to go into Norton to restore it back to the download folder.

Glad you got it sorted.

I’m a Windows guy - my badge gives a hint :slight_smile: You probably ran into Norton’s somewhat aggressive Heuristics Protection. The unread messages may have shown that the download file had been quarantined and offered the option to restore it. The download would have been quarantined because, according to the Heuristics Protection rules, it’s a ‘rarely used’ file. That means it has a low-use score amongst Norton users (who allow such data to be sent to Norton). Norton also tweaks those rules so it’s not entirely dependent on end-user data. Don’t know which version of Norton you are using so it’s difficult to tell you where to find the Heuristics Protection setting. With Norton 360 Premier it’s in Settings, Antivirus, Scans & Risks, fifth setting from the top. You may also want to look at ‘Exclusions / Low Risks’ at the bottom of the same tab. You could add the Downloads folder to the ‘Items to exclude from Auto-Protect…’. IF you do that then you will be relying on protection during software installation - not recommended but it’s your machine and your choice! Take the time (and patience) to poke around and see what Norton has to offer.

Nearly forgot. Under ‘Advanced’ (Norton 360 Premier start dialogue) is ‘Download Intelligence’, You can turn that Off if you wish. But again the only protection you will get is during software installation - not recommended. Your machine, your choice!

Norton is a &&^ nuisance when trying to sell software to end users.

This helpful ‘not many Norton users have installed this software so Norton won’t let you’ is scare mongering.
Virus check it by all means, but blocking it just because its not been seen by a lot of people is just lazy coding.

The end user experience is that they try to install software (virus checked and code signed, thank you very much!) ,

  • but it gets quarantined
  • either silently or with an obscure message that many users would not understand.

They don’t consider it is Norton - they take Norton’s word for it that your software is ‘likely to damage their machine’
(and other virus checkers can be as bad… Avast is a particular thorn in the side)

For my case, Windows 10 Defender is more than enough for me, if your notebook already has recovery partition/image that they are provided, i suggest to unninstall Norton and retry it.

Norton has been scrubbed from my system. never to be installed again if I can help it.

Bye Bye Norton… we won’t miss you :stuck_out_tongue: