can't get the class interface of a control inside a containercontrol

Hi everyone,

I have a window with some containercontrols
in each container control there are some controls but only one that has myclassinterface I implemented
I want to get a list of the controls that implement the Myclassinterface.

if the controls with myclassinterface are on the window without beeing inside a containercontrol I can get them.

I am able to get a list of all containercontrols in the window
for each containercontrol I can get each control inside of it using Control(i)
when I test “isa Myclassinterface” it always returns false

where did I miss something ?

this is the code I use :

  cclist = mywindow.ContainerControls
  for each cc in cclist
    if cc isa MyContainerControlClass then
      for i=0 to cc.ControlCount-1
        c = cc.Control(i)
        if c<>nil then
          if c isa MyClassInterface then  //NEVER GETS TRUE
            MyControlsList.Append MyClassInterface(c)
          end if
        end if
    end if

found why … sorry for bothering !
in fact cc is a containercontrol and there are containercontrols inside
so I must make another loop the same as for cclist but for cc.containercontrols.

in case somebody is looking for the same thing !