Can't get my Progress Bar to delay

Hi, am updating Bruce Phillips scriptable BP Progress Bar for 64bit, ARM, and OS dark mode. Everything works beautifully except I cannot delay the progress bar (…not even sure I need a delay but am trying to faithfully reproduce all the functionality of the original )

Am thoroughly stumped!

If anyone could show me how to delay the example progress bar project that comes with Xojo (2021r3.1) by adding the correct thread or timer sleep code into the updateTimer or CounterThread, I can then easily handle communicating the value from the ‘delay’ AppleEvent… Thanks in advance…

Am going to reply to my own stupidity :wink: …just for laughs!

Of course, adding the following code into the script loop immediately before my AppleEvent ‘increment’ delays the script by the specified number of seconds!!!

tell me
    delay 20
end tell
increment 1

The script is obviously using Apple Events to progress the counter so sleeping the timer and CounterThread have no effect… Delay is an inherent command (feature) of any Script.

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